If you need to know, you may only ask. If you ask, you may never know.


My sister tells me I act whiter than I look. Not that I really know what that means, but I get that a lot. I always say though, that I am neither from here, nor from there because I am not bound to any one country. It is all just one piece of land to me and I have no concept of distance. I can go anywhere, and will.

I’m a huge Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Criminal Minds fanatic. I love coffee and tea, lets not start a civil war on that though. I read books. Lots of them, and I don’t really have a favorite because they are all in some way a part of me.

I’m a huge believer that art is a weapon and that everything begins with paper, pencil, and an idea. I also strongly believe that we are all frogs in boiling water.