An Apology of some sorts…

Hi you, person, who might read this. It’s been a while. You might be wondering if I’m still here. I have a little explaining to do… or maybe a lot. And to be frank, you might not be listening anymore. But, if someday, someone somewhere stumbles upon this little blog and reads the inner workings of […]

Week 15 – Comments

So I can legit write so much about this class. Let me start off by saying thank you to Glenn for everything he has thought of throughout this entire semester. This was not my favorite class, but it was one of the most useful. This class brought out parts of me that I didn’t know […]

Week 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking

The 3 Possible Me’s Politician This is the path I’m currently on. The path to becoming a politician. I know, sounds boring to most people and yes some of you may think that I chose this because of what has been going on lately in the world of politics. Let me tell you first off, […]

Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

Artist: Rhiannon Aarons Exhibition: Rabbit Hole Gallery: Gatov Gallery Media: printmaking Website: Instagram: NA About the Artist Rhiannon Aarons is an art educator, curator, studio assistant, adult model, dominatrix, and mother. She is a feminist in the way that most women, and the world, don’t want her to be. In the past 30 years, […]

Week 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography

Hey, guys. The week is over, finally. I have been so overwhelmed this week with everything that I’ve had to do, and with my grandparents in town, and I’m kinda fearing this upcoming week because even more is going to happen.   Earlier this week, Glenn contacted me about a comment I made on our […]