Week 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking

The 3 Possible Me’s


hillaryThis is the path I’m currently on. The path to becoming a politician. I know, sounds boring to most people and yes some of you may think that I chose this because of what has been going on lately in the world of politics. Let me tell you first off, that you are wrong. I want to become a politician because I want to be an activist for undocumented youth. As I have written before on my blog, I am an immigrant, and there is nothing I can change about that at the moment. However, what I can try and fix are the opportunities that we undocumented youth receive in this country. Becoming a politician won’t be easy. In fact, it might be the hardest plan out of all three possible plans that I have, yet it is the one that I am aiming for at the moment. There is a need for good politicians, that actually have the interest of the people in their minds, and can actually represent all the different types of people that support them.

fullsizeoutput_24cAs you can see from the picture the road to becoming a politician is not easy, as I said. However, it is the raid that I elected for myself. My resources at the moment are limited, but at some point, they will not be. I am a Gard believer that we all have many resources at our disposal, we just need to know how to find them and take advantage of them. I am somewhat confident that I can actually go through with this plan, the main thing that makes me unconfident is the fact that I am not a millionaire, but even those can be made. I put my level of coherence to be less than half because politics are constantly changing. I don’t know everything about politics at the moment, and I still have a lot to learn. I mean, I still have to get my BA, but my plan is to atlas get my masters in political science. I have a long way ahead.

Event/ Program Coordinator

planningThis is the career I would have if I could no longer be a politician. It’s a much easier job, that’s for sure, and the requirements for becoming a professional in this field are less demanding. However, it’s not the same thing as a politician. So why did I choose it? Well, I chose this career because I have an internship with Assemblymember Cristina Garcia of the 58th District. I coordinated, along with two other girls, a program for middle school kids called FIGs (Fellows in Government) and at the current time were are in the midst of coordinating a summer reading program for grades K-12. I have some knowledge in this field already, and I love what I’ve been able to do. The feedback I get from all the people that I help, and the people that I affect is very rewarding. It makes me feel important and I like that.

fullsizeoutput_24dDoing this job isn’t always easy though, it can be very demanding and requires an excellent organization plan to keep track of everything. My major though, would fit nicer with this career. (I’m currently a communications major) I’m not required to get a masters degree, but I do have to get certified in order to coordinate different types of events. That can be easily done though. My resources for this career are a bit better than becoming a politician. However they’re not the best because I can always network more, and at the beginning, I’m bound to not know many people. I like this job, in fact, I think I love this job. Like I said, it makes me feel important. My confidence that I can succeed at this job is higher than being a politician because I feel like it is a less complicated thing. The rise in competition does concern me a bit though, but I like competition. My coherence for the job is good, but I can always learn more, and I hope to learn more.

The Antiquarian

vintage-libraryIf for some reason the two above do not work out and I have no other options left, and I can do whatever I want, this is the job I want. I love history. To me it’s all about the story behind something, and that’s what matters. When I see “based on a true story,” I’d rather know the true story than know about something that was vaguely based on it. My friends and sister get annoyed by it because I am always asking them questions on history, but I can’t help it. For the longest time, I used to love watching Auction Hunters and see all the different antiques they would find and how they would resell them for the value they were worth. It was my favorite past time. However, I soon moved on to asking questions about why those things even existed, and where they came from. I started watching more historical documentaries, and when I see an antique shop I can’t help but wander in. I just love the feeling of never knowing what you might find.

fullsizeoutput_24bThis career doesn’t require college, and I think that’s why I leave it for the last because my number 1 priority is school. However, because the career does not explicitly require, doesn’t mean that majoring in history won’t help. It would help a lot. I feel like there’s so much that this career can bring for me. My resources are limited her, and they become more limited as we go further into the future because all the antiques are being thrown away. But I love this job too. It’s something that my parents would not expect, but they would totally see coming. I’m confident that I can collect some antiques, if not what I can do is recreate them at the least. With so much history in the world, there is so much to learn, so my coherence of this career is all that great, but it’s not terrible. My ultimate goal with the career is to just have fun, learn, and collect things. ( I swear I am not a hoarder though)


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