Week 15 – Comments

So I can legit write so much about this class. Let me start off by saying thank you to Glenn for everything he has thought of throughout this entire semester. This was not my favorite class, but it was one of the most useful. This class brought out parts of me that I didn’t know existed before and it has made me grow over the course of one semester. I constantly go through my blog to see the progress I have made and I am so happy about the things that I have done. This would not be possible if it was for you Glenn. Thank you.

I find it difficult to select my top favorites and least favorites, but for the sake of bettering the class, here you go:

My Top 3 Favorite Art110 Class Activities

  1. Art Care Package – this was so sentimental for me and it allowed me to get closer to the person who I sent it to. I would, however, give students more time to actually send them, or I would do a follow up on it to see if the receiver sent anything back.
  2. Architecture and Urban Planning – I suck at drawing architecture but the fact that the entrance to those stairs was so ugly made me mad. This was just a really fun project to do overall and I got to learn a bit about CSULB’s history in architecture.
  3. Graffiti Writing – this was the only project I went out of Long Beach to do and I’m glad I did. I had so much fun at this activity and the experience was one of a kind. (Literally, because the graffiti didn’t last for more than a day) If I could do this one again I would carpool with classmates, that way we save gas and we all do it together.

My Top 3 Least Favorite

  1. Landscape with a corpse – I love the idea behind this activity. However it made my least favorite because 1) I do not know how to take pictures 2) my iPhone has a crappy camera, I shot the pics on my phone 3) I just dislike the picture I took.
  2. Finger painting – I love messy things, and I love getting my hands dirty. However, I think I could have done this project differently and I think I shouldn’t have bought $6 work of paper that I now messed up. Oh well, its the thought that counts.
  3. Plaster casting – this was the first activity, but it was also the only one I threw away. Or wait, no it wasn’t me, but my mom.

Sorry guys it was hard to decide, I really like all the experiences.

As for slack, WordPress, and beach bored. I love slack, it’s the perfect media to discuss in large groups and it also provides a nice space to message one-on-one. That should forever stay in the class. WordPress on the other hand, while I loved it, can change. I’ve used quite a few website builders and even though WordPress is one of the best, there isn’t anything wrong with using a different platform. WordPress can be hard to use sometimes, and it can take forever to load. Two of my personal favorite builders are wix.com and weekly.com. They work pretty well and they provide really good web designs.

Overall, I loved this class.


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