Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Anna and Salmah

From left to right: Me, Salmah, and Anna. 


Hey, guys, week 14 is finished and you know what that means?! That’s finals are in two weeks! Kill me. My anxiety levels are going up, I’m finishing final projects for classes, and well the studying will start. I have two weeks to re-memorize everything I learned this whole semester for a couple of culminating tests. I hate it.

What I don’t hate though is meeting new people and that’s what I did this week. Glenn held our usually Wednesday art class at the Japanese Garden on campus last week, and it made the perfect scenario to chill, draw, and meet people. Why is it that when the end of the year comes people just want to talk and meet other people? I think it’s because we feel comfortable, or because we all need each there to help one another to get better grades. Oh well then.

Usually, not many people talk to me, I’m like a wallflower, but last week its like half of the human race wanted to talk. I still don’t know how I feel about it. Two different girls came up to me to do the classmate convo. First Anais, then Salmah.

Let us start with Anais. Anais is a 1st-year student at CSULB and she’s planning to major in Biology. Her dream school was UCLA, but she preferred to come here because it was closer. She claims to like science and she might even go for a job as a pediatrician. She went to Downey High School (My high school rivalry school), where she played volleyball for her first 2 years and later switched to basketball. She has 1 half brother. Her favorite show is The Vampire Diaries, too bad this is their last season. Her favorite artist is Selena Gomez. She loves dogs and cats the same. Her favorite food is Chinese food.  This part hurts, but Anais actually hates this class. She hadn’t even come 4 weeks prior to me meeting her, and she’s only taking it to fill her requirements. I guess that’s what happens when you come from DHS. (Not to throw a lot of shade) Anais was pretty cool and I’m glad I met her because, even though she’s from my rivalry school, I feel like I know at least one more person at school from my town.

Salmah came into Anais and mine’s conversation halfway through and we didn’t want to reject her so we let her join the fun. Salmah is also a first-year student and is currently undeclared, but is considering a psychology major. She came to CSULB because most of her friends were coming here and the school was local. She graduated from Ghar High school in Cerritos. She feels comfortable at CSULB. She never played sports in high school and is an only child. Her favorite show is The Flash, and her favorite artist is Van Gogh. Her laborite number is 23 because of that the day her birthday lands on. She doesn’t have animals because she just doesn’t have time for them. She doesn’t work and is a full-time student. I swear finals are getting at her too. Her favorite food is sushi, and her favorite color is blue. Unlike Anais, she doesn’t hate this class, but like most of us in the class, she is only taking for her GE requirements.

Check out Anais at:


Check out Salmah at:



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