Week 14 – Art Experience – Sketching

IMG_6194Guys, let me tell you just how much of an amazing place the Japanese Garden at CSULB is. It’s super fucking amazing!!! I’m no stranger to the Earl Burns Japanese garden, but I swear every time I go there, it’s like the first time. I never get tired of it. I usually come into the garden whenever I’m stressed out or when I want to feed the fish. This past week though, Glenn made us go do sketching there. Why I had not thought about sketching there before I don’t know! There’s so much to draw at the garden!

IMG_6231The art experience for this week involved doing ten 30 second sketches and two 5 minute sketches. I hate being time for art, but it’s an evil necessity that sometimes has to happen. I find it that when you start drawing, you often spend to much time putting in too much detail to one area and then the painting might never get done because you spend to much time on it. Having a time limit on how much you can draw can really challenge you to draw what needs to be drawn, not all the details. Who cares if you don’t get it right the first time?!

If I remember correctly, that might be the reason Glenn gave us a time limit, but I think it was also because he wanted us to draw the impressions of the things we saw. Which, I f I think about it, might be what I was trying to say before anyways.

IMG_6230My sketches might not all look good. In fact, most f them aren’t even finished, but I guess you could say that I got the central idea of what some them should have been. My favorites are the flower, the leaves, and this makeshift bush. the rest, I think are just crap, but I’m ok with it. We can still go back and fix them some other time. I think I was drawn to the flower the most because it still looks like a flower but in a more abstract type of way. Frankly, I could pass them all off as abstract, but that would be a disgrace to actual abstract art. the five-minute sketches were a bit better, but there is some fine tuning that can be made done.

You see the thing is, I kinda wish we could have erased. I was telling my friend Van, and Jacob that I really wish Gleann would let us erase because I just could deal with imperfect lines. However, in some strange way, that was Glenn’s idea, to make us love our lines and accept the way they come out. And I guess that to some degree I do.

Check out the Japanese garden website at http://web.csulb.edu/~jgarden/


One thought on “Week 14 – Art Experience – Sketching

  1. Great Maria!

    I suppose partly it is “to love your lines”… but it’s also the idea to just *work* a nice, big sheet of paper and create volume there. If you’re trying to draw and orange and one of your arcs/circles it too wide or too narrow… it still defines space / volume… so if you keep going and build up mass around it… you’re concentration / density of lines will define the shape and those stray lines here and there will fill in volume.


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