Week 15 – Comments

So I can legit write so much about this class. Let me start off by saying thank you to Glenn for everything he has thought of throughout this entire semester. This was not my favorite class, but it was one of the most useful. This class brought out parts of me that I didn’t know existed before and it has made me grow over the course of one semester. I constantly go through my blog to see the progress I have made and I am so happy about the things that I have done. This would not be possible if it was for you Glenn. Thank you.

I find it difficult to select my top favorites and least favorites, but for the sake of bettering the class, here you go:

My Top 3 Favorite Art110 Class Activities

  1. Art Care Package – this was so sentimental for me and it allowed me to get closer to the person who I sent it to. I would, however, give students more time to actually send them, or I would do a follow up on it to see if the receiver sent anything back.
  2. Architecture and Urban Planning – I suck at drawing architecture but the fact that the entrance to those stairs was so ugly made me mad. This was just a really fun project to do overall and I got to learn a bit about CSULB’s history in architecture.
  3. Graffiti Writing – this was the only project I went out of Long Beach to do and I’m glad I did. I had so much fun at this activity and the experience was one of a kind. (Literally, because the graffiti didn’t last for more than a day) If I could do this one again I would carpool with classmates, that way we save gas and we all do it together.

My Top 3 Least Favorite

  1. Landscape with a corpse – I love the idea behind this activity. However it made my least favorite because 1) I do not know how to take pictures 2) my iPhone has a crappy camera, I shot the pics on my phone 3) I just dislike the picture I took.
  2. Finger painting – I love messy things, and I love getting my hands dirty. However, I think I could have done this project differently and I think I shouldn’t have bought $6 work of paper that I now messed up. Oh well, its the thought that counts.
  3. Plaster casting – this was the first activity, but it was also the only one I threw away. Or wait, no it wasn’t me, but my mom.

Sorry guys it was hard to decide, I really like all the experiences.

As for slack, WordPress, and beach bored. I love slack, it’s the perfect media to discuss in large groups and it also provides a nice space to message one-on-one. That should forever stay in the class. WordPress on the other hand, while I loved it, can change. I’ve used quite a few website builders and even though WordPress is one of the best, there isn’t anything wrong with using a different platform. WordPress can be hard to use sometimes, and it can take forever to load. Two of my personal favorite builders are wix.com and weekly.com. They work pretty well and they provide really good web designs.

Overall, I loved this class.


Week 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking

The 3 Possible Me’s


hillaryThis is the path I’m currently on. The path to becoming a politician. I know, sounds boring to most people and yes some of you may think that I chose this because of what has been going on lately in the world of politics. Let me tell you first off, that you are wrong. I want to become a politician because I want to be an activist for undocumented youth. As I have written before on my blog, I am an immigrant, and there is nothing I can change about that at the moment. However, what I can try and fix are the opportunities that we undocumented youth receive in this country. Becoming a politician won’t be easy. In fact, it might be the hardest plan out of all three possible plans that I have, yet it is the one that I am aiming for at the moment. There is a need for good politicians, that actually have the interest of the people in their minds, and can actually represent all the different types of people that support them.

fullsizeoutput_24cAs you can see from the picture the road to becoming a politician is not easy, as I said. However, it is the raid that I elected for myself. My resources at the moment are limited, but at some point, they will not be. I am a Gard believer that we all have many resources at our disposal, we just need to know how to find them and take advantage of them. I am somewhat confident that I can actually go through with this plan, the main thing that makes me unconfident is the fact that I am not a millionaire, but even those can be made. I put my level of coherence to be less than half because politics are constantly changing. I don’t know everything about politics at the moment, and I still have a lot to learn. I mean, I still have to get my BA, but my plan is to atlas get my masters in political science. I have a long way ahead.

Event/ Program Coordinator

planningThis is the career I would have if I could no longer be a politician. It’s a much easier job, that’s for sure, and the requirements for becoming a professional in this field are less demanding. However, it’s not the same thing as a politician. So why did I choose it? Well, I chose this career because I have an internship with Assemblymember Cristina Garcia of the 58th District. I coordinated, along with two other girls, a program for middle school kids called FIGs (Fellows in Government) and at the current time were are in the midst of coordinating a summer reading program for grades K-12. I have some knowledge in this field already, and I love what I’ve been able to do. The feedback I get from all the people that I help, and the people that I affect is very rewarding. It makes me feel important and I like that.

fullsizeoutput_24dDoing this job isn’t always easy though, it can be very demanding and requires an excellent organization plan to keep track of everything. My major though, would fit nicer with this career. (I’m currently a communications major) I’m not required to get a masters degree, but I do have to get certified in order to coordinate different types of events. That can be easily done though. My resources for this career are a bit better than becoming a politician. However they’re not the best because I can always network more, and at the beginning, I’m bound to not know many people. I like this job, in fact, I think I love this job. Like I said, it makes me feel important. My confidence that I can succeed at this job is higher than being a politician because I feel like it is a less complicated thing. The rise in competition does concern me a bit though, but I like competition. My coherence for the job is good, but I can always learn more, and I hope to learn more.

The Antiquarian

vintage-libraryIf for some reason the two above do not work out and I have no other options left, and I can do whatever I want, this is the job I want. I love history. To me it’s all about the story behind something, and that’s what matters. When I see “based on a true story,” I’d rather know the true story than know about something that was vaguely based on it. My friends and sister get annoyed by it because I am always asking them questions on history, but I can’t help it. For the longest time, I used to love watching Auction Hunters and see all the different antiques they would find and how they would resell them for the value they were worth. It was my favorite past time. However, I soon moved on to asking questions about why those things even existed, and where they came from. I started watching more historical documentaries, and when I see an antique shop I can’t help but wander in. I just love the feeling of never knowing what you might find.

fullsizeoutput_24bThis career doesn’t require college, and I think that’s why I leave it for the last because my number 1 priority is school. However, because the career does not explicitly require, doesn’t mean that majoring in history won’t help. It would help a lot. I feel like there’s so much that this career can bring for me. My resources are limited her, and they become more limited as we go further into the future because all the antiques are being thrown away. But I love this job too. It’s something that my parents would not expect, but they would totally see coming. I’m confident that I can collect some antiques, if not what I can do is recreate them at the least. With so much history in the world, there is so much to learn, so my coherence of this career is all that great, but it’s not terrible. My ultimate goal with the career is to just have fun, learn, and collect things. ( I swear I am not a hoarder though)

Week 14 – Art Experience – Sketching

IMG_6194Guys, let me tell you just how much of an amazing place the Japanese Garden at CSULB is. It’s super fucking amazing!!! I’m no stranger to the Earl Burns Japanese garden, but I swear every time I go there, it’s like the first time. I never get tired of it. I usually come into the garden whenever I’m stressed out or when I want to feed the fish. This past week though, Glenn made us go do sketching there. Why I had not thought about sketching there before I don’t know! There’s so much to draw at the garden!

IMG_6231The art experience for this week involved doing ten 30 second sketches and two 5 minute sketches. I hate being time for art, but it’s an evil necessity that sometimes has to happen. I find it that when you start drawing, you often spend to much time putting in too much detail to one area and then the painting might never get done because you spend to much time on it. Having a time limit on how much you can draw can really challenge you to draw what needs to be drawn, not all the details. Who cares if you don’t get it right the first time?!

If I remember correctly, that might be the reason Glenn gave us a time limit, but I think it was also because he wanted us to draw the impressions of the things we saw. Which, I f I think about it, might be what I was trying to say before anyways.

IMG_6230My sketches might not all look good. In fact, most f them aren’t even finished, but I guess you could say that I got the central idea of what some them should have been. My favorites are the flower, the leaves, and this makeshift bush. the rest, I think are just crap, but I’m ok with it. We can still go back and fix them some other time. I think I was drawn to the flower the most because it still looks like a flower but in a more abstract type of way. Frankly, I could pass them all off as abstract, but that would be a disgrace to actual abstract art. the five-minute sketches were a bit better, but there is some fine tuning that can be made done.

You see the thing is, I kinda wish we could have erased. I was telling my friend Van, and Jacob that I really wish Gleann would let us erase because I just could deal with imperfect lines. However, in some strange way, that was Glenn’s idea, to make us love our lines and accept the way they come out. And I guess that to some degree I do.

Check out the Japanese garden website at http://web.csulb.edu/~jgarden/

Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Anna and Salmah


From left to right: Me, Salmah, and Anna. 


Hey, guys, week 14 is finished and you know what that means?! That’s finals are in two weeks! Kill me. My anxiety levels are going up, I’m finishing final projects for classes, and well the studying will start. I have two weeks to re-memorize everything I learned this whole semester for a couple of culminating tests. I hate it.

What I don’t hate though is meeting new people and that’s what I did this week. Glenn held our usually Wednesday art class at the Japanese Garden on campus last week, and it made the perfect scenario to chill, draw, and meet people. Why is it that when the end of the year comes people just want to talk and meet other people? I think it’s because we feel comfortable, or because we all need each there to help one another to get better grades. Oh well then.

Usually, not many people talk to me, I’m like a wallflower, but last week its like half of the human race wanted to talk. I still don’t know how I feel about it. Two different girls came up to me to do the classmate convo. First Anais, then Salmah.

Let us start with Anais. Anais is a 1st-year student at CSULB and she’s planning to major in Biology. Her dream school was UCLA, but she preferred to come here because it was closer. She claims to like science and she might even go for a job as a pediatrician. She went to Downey High School (My high school rivalry school), where she played volleyball for her first 2 years and later switched to basketball. She has 1 half brother. Her favorite show is The Vampire Diaries, too bad this is their last season. Her favorite artist is Selena Gomez. She loves dogs and cats the same. Her favorite food is Chinese food.  This part hurts, but Anais actually hates this class. She hadn’t even come 4 weeks prior to me meeting her, and she’s only taking it to fill her requirements. I guess that’s what happens when you come from DHS. (Not to throw a lot of shade) Anais was pretty cool and I’m glad I met her because, even though she’s from my rivalry school, I feel like I know at least one more person at school from my town.

Salmah came into Anais and mine’s conversation halfway through and we didn’t want to reject her so we let her join the fun. Salmah is also a first-year student and is currently undeclared, but is considering a psychology major. She came to CSULB because most of her friends were coming here and the school was local. She graduated from Ghar High school in Cerritos. She feels comfortable at CSULB. She never played sports in high school and is an only child. Her favorite show is The Flash, and her favorite artist is Van Gogh. Her laborite number is 23 because of that the day her birthday lands on. She doesn’t have animals because she just doesn’t have time for them. She doesn’t work and is a full-time student. I swear finals are getting at her too. Her favorite food is sushi, and her favorite color is blue. Unlike Anais, she doesn’t hate this class, but like most of us in the class, she is only taking for her GE requirements.

Check out Anais at:


Check out Salmah at:


Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

IMG_6176Artist: Rhiannon Aarons

Exhibition: Rabbit Hole

Gallery: Gatov Gallery

Media: printmaking

Website: http://www.rhiannonaarons.com/

Instagram: NA

About the Artist

Rhiannon Aarons is an art educator, curator, studio assistant, adult model, dominatrix, and mother. She is a feminist in the way that most women, and the world, don’t want her to be. In the past 30 years, she has faced extreme discrimination for being an artist while having a child, an expectation that is completely unreasonable. Everything that she does, is to just simply feed her practice and put a roof over her head.

“In fall of 2015, a video I had done for a small adult production company in 2009 was released on a free site and received over 250,000 views. I was recognized by a bartender near campus. It left me with the intense realization that this part of my life had to be addressed. I deeply believe that the demonization of sex work is rooted in misogyny, but it exists all the same.”

Rhiannon Aarons is at CSULB for her MFA in printmaking. “Rabbit Hole” is only one of her many works.

Formal Analysis


This is the “rabbit” that was pulled out of Rhiannon in the simulated abortion. 

There is a large part of this exhibit that I will not be able to talk about as much as I would like to because I was sadly not present at the time it occurred. Rabbit Hole officially opened on Sunday, April 23, 2016, with a special performance from Sheree Rose, Martin O’Brien, and Aarons herself. They performed a simulated rabbit abortion, where Rose pulled out a bloody rabbit from inside Aarons. (Please keep in mind that this all second-hand knowledge I learned from Aarons because this was the event that I could not go to, unfortunately.) The performance was reminiscent of what Rose and her late partner Flanagan would usually do in the 1990’s, and in many ways, also acts as an educational opportunity for people interested in medical studies and the BDSM lifestyle. (More from Rose and Flanagan later.)


IMG_6189While Aarons’ work has a lot to do with that of Rose’s and Flannagan’s, her art goes further beyond performance and extends to her prints. Rabbit Hole has a lot to do with the works of Lewis Carroll’s most famous story, “Alice in Wonderland.” Aarons takes drawings from John Tenniel’s  original book illustrations and redraws through a different lens to show a different meaning.

IMG_6188Here we have “Multiplication” the first work in the exhibit that is made of a 6 print installation and a hardcover book. The pictures themselves all look the same from far away, but up close you can see the development of a story where Alice is in essence, giving birth to hundreds of rabbits. This is different from the original illustration where Alice is just sitting on a chair with her cat. The pictures are all black and white, paper and ink. They are framed in very simple black frames so as to not divert the attention of the audience. The book that’s part of the piece is titled “Curiouser and Curiouser: Multiplication.” It includes the full transcript text of the Roe vs Wade case, as well as illustrations from Aarons, John Tenniel, and the public domain.

IMG_6178While most of Aarons’ work is print and resembles Tenniel’s art style, she does have some pieces which are quite different and can be considered very odd at first sight. For example, “Bed Redux” consists of PVC sheets used in Philosophy in the Bedroom – a collaboration event that occurred in November of last year with Rose, O’Brien, and Aarons, and has bodily fluids from the experience. From what I could see, they just have blood on them. That’s the oddest of the bunch, however, Aarons also includes a business card from the hotel where the event was staged. It symbolizes an important moment in the relationship of the trio.

Content Analysis

IMG_6181The reasons on why Aarons does this work are extremely complex and very hard to talk about. I consider them hard to talk about because they have a lot of social stigmas that considers them taboo, and because of that some will feel inadequate top discuss such topics. When talking to Aarons, she tells me that you can tell when a girl is dominant as early as the age of 14. Sexual orientation will help develop how much of a dominant she is but won’t fully blossom until she is much older. In many ways, many women are dominants, but the nature of it never fully develops, and women don’t embrace it because society has made it taboo and represses their nature. This is very much like the Alice that Aarons shows us.

IMG_6186Alice as an overall character is very controversial because of Carroll’s original depiction of her. Alice is very much an innocent little girl, but there are sexual connotations behind her character and the world she is from, not to mention all the different interpretations of her that have been made in more recent years. Alice in the original book goes through many body transformations where she is told what to eat to make her body larger or smaller. This is a key factor of the idea that society represses girls because they are afraid of what they will do, and what they will be like if they find out how to use their sexuality and start having sex. You can ask almost any girl if she has ever been seen as an object for someone else and if she has ever been stigmatized if she has tried to have sex. It is an issue that will always present in society. The idea that you’re either a slut, or you’re a prude.

IMG_6175Going on to further that idea, and to show the contrast of it, we can all agree that the majority of us see older women (+40) as not sexual beings. Meaning, women of an older age just don’t have sex, they don’t think about sex. That is wrong! This where Sheree comes in. Sheree is a dominatrix that found out she was dominant very early in her life. Over time, society told her that was bad, but it wasn’t until Bob Flanagan came around, and let her fully develop this nature of hers, that she let it take off. Sadly, Flanagan died in 1996 because of cystic fibrosis, a condition he had been born with, and the event ultimately caused Sheree to go into retirement. Now Sheree is a 75-year-old woman who has come out of her retirement thanks to Martin O’Brien, who also has CF, to show the world that older women can still get it on.

However, it’s not just older women that aren’t seen as sexual beings. It’s also mothers. This where Aarons is directly affected, because well, she is a mother. As if being discriminated because she is an artist and a mother was bad enough, she is also discriminated because she has sex. Moreover, she is discriminated because she comes out in an adult film and is dominant. Aarons is no stranger to death threats from people she knows.

“I remember watching _50 Shades of Grey_  fly off the shelves as I received death threats from a co-worker over my personal history. As I started forging new relationships in graduate school I was pained at the prospect of continuing to lie by omission.”

In many ways, all of this just come back to society and its views of women. As a matter of fact, we can actually say that it’s mainly the male’s perspective of the female because in many ways society is male dominated. That’s why Tenniel’s works are relative to Aarons because she takes illustrations that were created by a man, to show a little girl’s story, and manipulates them to show an underlying story that is not very well accepted. The underlying story is only hinted at because it is so taboo and because people don’t even want to associate it with the what we see as the overlying story. In essence, Aarons takes Tenniel and puts her own form of feminism on it, but still keeps the original lens intact.

My Experience

IMG_6185Looking at the exhibit was as much an experience as it was writing about it. Like I said before, I feel somewhat inadequate to talk about such subjects because I am somewhat ignorant and innocent of such things. I grew up in a catholic family, I still live with my parents, and I am an older sister. And in many ways, that makes me a candidate to fall under the same ideas for what Alice is. A young girl, innocent of many things, but because she is a girl, is still objectified as this sexual being whether she knows it or not. However, because I am innocent doesn’t mean I am completely ignorant. I mean common on, I did go to high school, I am in college, and many of my friends are having sex now. They might not know so much, but they do it, and in many cases, they can’t tell their parents because they would be disowned or they can’t let peers know because they will be judged.

IMG_6184However, because I feel inadequate doesn’t necessarily mean that I wasn’t going to write about this. I actually wanted to write about this, despite’s my lack of knowledge and shyness, because I believe in the things that the exhibit, and everybody involved in it, stand for. For me, it’s feminism. And it’s a very different take on feminism that we don’t often see. To a lot of us, feminism is just women having rights and saying that women are equal to men. However, that isn’t just the case. To me, feminism is also about acceptance of everyone beyond gender. We are equal because we accept that we are equal, and in many ways, that means that we know who we are. Like RuPaul says “How in the hell you gonna love somebody else if you can’t love yourself?” It’s true! How are you ever going to accept someone else, if you don’t know who you are and accept that first?

While Aarons work is certainly for an older audience, there are elements of it that should be taught earlier. Girls should be taught that it’s ok to be who they are, embrace their natures and that they should stand up for themselves.

Week 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography


This is legit, the only picture I took at the camping grounds before I put my phone away, said goodbye to electricity, and hello to nature. 

Hey, guys. The week is over, finally. I have been so overwhelmed this week with everything that I’ve had to do, and with my grandparents in town, and I’m kinda fearing this upcoming week because even more is going to happen.


Earlier this week, Glenn contacted me about a comment I made on our slack team convo for ART110 and asked me if I was willing to write a piece about Dada, punk rock, and Fluxus. I wanted so badly to write that piece, so I said yes, but one thing came and then another, and the piece never got finished. I don’t want to present you guys with something unfinished. I don’t think that would be cool in anyway and it wouldn’t be me trying. So I had to put it off. You guys will get the piece next week, I promise. We can pinky swear if you guys want, but it will happen.

However, the absence of that piece does mean that I had to do some changes to my schedule. Glenn struck a deal with me that if I did the piece I could opt out of the art experience for the week, which involved using no electricity for the day. If I didn’t do the piece, then I would do the art experience. That’s why when Friday rolled around, and I knew that I couldn’t do it on Saturday because I had to go camping, I switched and decided I had to do the art experience.

Yes, is spent a whole day without electricity. No phone, no internet, no stove, and nothing that existed post the time of electricity. I know, how could I ever survive a whole day like that? Well, it would have been extremely hard to do if I was at home, but I actually had a retreat this weekend where went camping out in the middle of the woods. So that made it way easier to just not use anything.

The experience wasn’t hard or anything because I was more pre-occupied with hiking and doing other activities with my friends. I didn’t have time to look at my phone.It was, however, a bit frustrating a liberating. It was frustrating because, I knew that once I got back home, I had so many things to do, and I couldn’t do any of those things at the camp because there was no electricity. But when I really thought about it, I reminded myself, that this was just another thing that I had to do and that I should just get it out of the way. After those thoughts sank in, the experience became more liberating and calming. I basically had a one day vacation.  Even though I slept on the ground, I woke up less through the night and felt better in the morning. I didn’t wake up to an alarm, that’s for sure. I actually woke up because the sun was starting to shine on the camping ground and it was too bright. I guess, as an afterthought, if that happened to me every day, I would be less grumpy and would drink way less coffee. Who knows, maybe of the whole world woke up like that, we would all be nicer people too.

Living without electricity forces you to interact more with people and nature around you. It makes it so that you have to find different ways to communicate and live within your environment. It’s the most organic way of living because you become one with your surroundings. That, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all that great. There are limitations to not having electricity. For example, without electricity, we wouldn’t have the same diets we have now. We would be living off of simpler foods that could be cooked by an open flame. Some of us would have trouble going the bathroom because there are no toilets. And our hygiene would certainly be worse because we would shower less often, and we would wash our clothes less. Who knows, maybe even our clothes would be way more different, or we would wear less clothing. That’s not a really pretty thought though.

If I really think about it, life with electricity and without it is the same in terms of how boring it can be. Obviously, kids, today will easily point out how boring life without the internet can be, but even when you have the internet and all the electricity you need, you still get bored. I get bored of being on my phone all day, and when I do I go outside. But when I get bored of being outside, I go on my phone again. I feel that humans nowadays need some sort of constant stimulation to be entertained. That stimulation doesn’t always need to come from an electrical device, and can actually come in different ways. The point of stimulation is to keep the mind active because our brains are a muscle. A little bit of everything never really hurt anybody.

If it were really up to me, I would try to balance it all out. I would try to keep myself entrained in many different ways, and not rely on just one single source of stimulation. It’s what we all try to do, but can never really do though, because our lives now revolve around electricity. If they didn’t, we would all be healthier.

Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Jacob Hogan

IMG_6139Artist: Jacob Hogan

Exhibition: Esoteric Murmers

Media: Metals and mixed media

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Website: NA

Instagram: NA

About the Artist

Jacob Hogan is a fun loving guy with a cool background. Born into a family of architects, doctors, aircraft maintenance supervisors, and a building crafts manager, there is no doubt that he would do something extraordinary. Growing up with a family like that would usually cause a lot of anxiety, but Hogan was fortunate enough that his family always let him do what he wanted and never pushed him towards something he didn’t like. They encouraged him at whatever he tried to succeed at, and never shot him down. He recounts a time when he was 17 and how he played with legos like a “big nerd.” He says “I liked to take things apart and put them together to find something better.” The true words of a tinkerer.

Today Jacob is a student at CSULB studying for a BFA in media and 3D metals.

Formal Analysis

IMG_6146One of the purposes of Esoteric Murmers is to show the division between industrial design, interior design, and fabrication. This is clear throughout the exhibit because he has so many different artifacts. For example, we have the beehive inspired lamp, a multiple chain link series of necklaces, and a woven countertop. The beehive lamp is such a cool piece that I definitely want one in my home. The four cylindrical lights encased with a beehive-inspired case are not something that you see every day. The piece delivers itself to a somewhat 60’s modern vibe, and it’s not something you would expect to see anymore. Seeing the piece through a picture really does not capture the coolness of it, even though if you stand next to it, it’s really hot. The bars that the lights hang from can even get warm to the touch because the lamp radiates heat everywhere. Maybe you could cook some steaks on there to get a honeycomb design.

IMG_6143So while the beehive lamp has somewhat of an interior design purpose, the woven countertop is something that has more of an industrial vibe. The counter top, while it is a nice art piece to have at home, and is certainly functional, has a more industrial essence because of the different materials to make it. Hogan used metals like brass and copper, mixed with resin and wood so that it would be sturdy enough to put things on. To hold it up, Hogan set the counter top on two aluminum/steel pipes. the piece in itself looks pretty ordinary until you get a bird’s eye view of it and see the woven metals underneath the resin. This is not a piece that was meant to be an art piece, but something that just happened.

IMG_6150Now we have the chain link series of necklaces that are all made of different metals. The prototype is made of steel and took Jacob about a month or so to complete. The second model is made out of copper, and unlike the first chain, it took Jacob a week to finish. Certainly knowing what he was doing and getting into the rhythm of orchestrating all those links was easier the second time than the first. The last chain is made out of brass. This series of necklaces, certainly look cool and like something you would see at New York fashion week, but they’re not meant for wearing. Actually, Hogan intends these more as a piece of fabrication where he shows the process of making them. He intends to “demystify” the process of creating a work of art, that most artist often tend to hide. Because his art is more hands-on and produced in a different matter, he wants to let people know how he does it all. And in some way, the writings and concept pictures that he draws up before he executes his work, show the brilliant mind he has.

Content Analysis

IMG_6147So Jacob has a brilliant mind, we know. But half of that has to do with the fact that he’s really creative, and the other half has to do with the fact that he’s really smart. Not discredit his own abilities or anything, but his intelligence has a lot to do with the people in his family. Esoteric Murmers is mainly about the influences our ancestors have on us and how they affect us subconsciously and unconsciously.  As I had mentioned earlier, Jacob is surrounded by architects, crafters, and designers. There were many times while growing up, that Jacob felt that he was the black sheep of the family because of this. They have all influenced Jacob, subconsciously, to do something that requires him to work with his hands. And sometimes that can be difficult to deal with if what you like isn’t necessarily related to doing that. However, Jacob always did keep in mind that he could do anything he wanted because his parents always told him so, and in that, he found that life is about discovery. That brings me to the second thing Esoteric Murmers is about. It’s about discovery, discovery about oneself through different things that all have to with you. Like most other artists that come to the CSULB art galleries, this is Jacob Hogan’s first exhibit. Meaning that before this, none of his friends had ever seen his art and he has never had any feedback on it. It sounds a bit weird, because most artists have had some sort of feedback on their work before their first gallery, usually that feedback determines what makes it to the gallery and what doesn’t. Hogan never did feel ready to put his work out there and always had some insecurities about it, but hey we all do.

IMG_6148That, however, brings me to the third thing that Jacob tries to say through his gallery. As we know, he was insecure about his art, but that’s mainly because he doesn’t consider himself an artist. I asked him what he considered himself as and he said, “I’m anything but an artist.” Hogan says that the reason he makes his pieces are not because he wants to necessarily inspire someone, but because he wants the pieces to be utilitarian, he wants them to have a use, and there is always that added bonus that he just wants to make enough money to pay the rent. It sounds a bit off-putting at first, but when you think about it, it goes back to the first week of art were Coach Glenn made us watch the first art talk video and we said that art is very subjective. We all put our own influences into art and we all give different things different values. Jacob puts a value on his work, maybe not as much as I will put on it, but he a puts it there nonetheless.

My Experience

IMG_6140At first, I didn’t want to write about Jacob’s exhibit. I had planned to write about someone else because I had visited their gallery a few days prior and thought they would be cool. However, when I visited Esoteric Murmers and saw the pieces, I felt sublime. I loved the fact that there was a couch in the gallery with people sitting on it just talking and that, unlike most of the other artists at the galleries, Jacob never left his. I swear, I walked into his art gallery like five times, and every time, he was in there talking with people. He never waited for anybody to approach him at the table outside, but was actively seeking out the people looking at his art inside the gallery. He saw a couple kids admiring his chains and he went up to them to explain in more detail how he had done it. I was in there looking at the photos on the walls and he started talking to me about his family. Not a single artist at school has ever just walked up to me and started a conversation, and I think that’s why I loved the exhibit even more.

IMG_6154What really made me want to write about this exhibit though, wasn’t just Jacob, but a particular piece that he made. Jacob made the super freaking cool tea infuser that was inspired by a British WWII sea mine. I mean just look at the picture attached, the tea infuser looks so weird and steampunk like. I didn’t know it was a tea infuser until I actually got close enough to look at the small punctured holes. I could definitely imagine myself filling it up with early grey tea, putting it in my favorite coffee mug, and sipping it like a bad ass. I know I wanted the beehive lamp, but this piece was something that I needed. If I could, I would have grabbed it and taken it home with me, but I wouldn’t because it’s not mine to take home, yet.

IMG_6149Yes, I know its weird that what really made me want to write about a certain artist is a tea infuser, but I think I was just way more curious to know why he made a tea infuser. Once Jacob finished telling me about his family and his background, I asked him about it. And to tell you that his first answer was a bit disappointing to me, is nothing. I was thrown off by his initial response because, to quote him, he said “That was an assignment piece. I had some earl grey tea, which I don’t really drink, and I had to figure out something to do with it. So the tea infuser is what I came up with.”  I couldn’t believe that something that I had loved so much, to the point of dire necessity, didn’t mean as much to him. But hey, isn’t that what life is sometimes like? I had to find out more about Jacob now. And what I learned about Jacob and his exhibit, is everything that I have written for you.

Don’t hate on Jacob because it seems like he doesn’t like his work as much as I do. He loves his work, but he wants it to be useful more than anything else. After this exhibit is over, he plans to take it all apart, and redo many of his pieces to make them better. He wants to change designs and enforce concepts so that he can better himself and everything he does.