Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Annie and Vicki

IMG_6151Hey, guys. It is week 12!!! Can you believe it? Only 2 to 3 more weeks left before the semester is finally over! I’m so excited!

Today I want you guys to meet Vicki and Annie, two classmates that I met on Wednesday. When I first saw them I thought they were related, but their not. In fact, they had just met the week before at the artist galleries.

Annie is from Pasadena and she’s at CSULB as a health science major. She dorms at Beachside, which she thinks are not the best social dorms. It’s very quite there, even though it’s farther from campus and you would think they party more. She is the baby of her family, having and older brother and sister. She has never watched “How I Met Your Mother,” and I thought that was shocking because I love that show.

Wiki is from La Habra and she’s a health care admin major here at CSULB. (Yes health care admin and health science are different fields. Trust I thought they were the same thing.) In high school, she was a volleyball player. Opposite of Annie, Vicki is the oldest sibling and has a younger brother. She dorms at Parkside, which is closer to campus, so she gets to wake up later.

Please go check out their blogs at:




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