Week 11 – Classmate Conversations – Adrian, Courtney, and Trevor

From left to right: Adrain, Trevor, Courtney, and me. 

Hey. Guys! Happy Easter. We’re going to do it a little bit differently this time and try out something new. Week 11 is has gone and left and now its time for me to introduce you to the lovely group of people I met this past Wednesday. So without further ado, I introduce you to:


Adrian Martinez:

Adrain is a super senior at CSULB and is graduating, finally, this semester. He is a construction engineering and management major and is taking this class as a GE requirement. Previous to being a student at CSULB he studied at Warren High school, my alma mater (GO Bears!) He enjoys all types of food and likes going out to bars on the weekends with his friends.  He works for PCI (Performance Construction Inc.) as an assistant project engineer.

Visit Adrian at



Courtney is a sophomore here at CSULB as a kinesiology major with an emphasis on exercise science. She is also taking this class as a GE requirement and because she thinks art is a good way to express one’s own feelings. She previously went to San Marcus High School. She claims she LIVES at the gym and will play any sport she can get her hands on. She LOVES all types of food and most likely pairs them with her favorite soda of all time: Dr. Pepper. She works at the SRWC on campus.

Visit Courtney at



Trevor grew up in Torrance and is now a junior here at CSULB as a health science major. He plans to go to nursing school after college. He also works with Courtney at SRWC. On his free time, he likes going to concerts, trying out new cuisine, and going to bars with friends. The things he does to stay fit are going to the gym, hiking, and swimming. 

Visit Trevor at



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