Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Clare Samani

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.01.13 PM.png

Artist: Clare Samani

Exhibition: Dressed

Media: printmaking

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @clares_printing

About the Artist

Clare Samani was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She currently attends CSULB for her BFA in printmaking and hopes to go to grad school at LSU in the near future. She loves to watch movies and hangout with friends on her free time.

Formal Analysis

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.01.22 PM.png
“The butterfly dress”

Clare’s main subject for her exhibition, “Dressed,” is clothes. She gets her inspiration from many different pieces of clothing and uses her printmaking skills to showcase them in new ways. The butterfly dress she has in her art gallery is a two-dimensional design of a three-dimensional work of art. The dress might not have been yellow to begin with, but Clare has painted it yellow to make the piece brighter and happier. Even the lines, which aren’t all that soft in certain places, show movement of the fabric and how the piece has been worn down. the butterfly dress is only one piece of the gallery, Clare Samani showcases many different pieces of clothing in her two-dimensional printmaking. Many of those articles of clothing are from different decades of American Fashion history – the nightgown dress and the button down t-shirt.


Content Analysis

night dress
Nightgown dress.

When talking to Clare, she mentioned a particular phrase that caught my attention. She said, “art is life.” I think that is the main idea she tries to convey through this exhibit, that art is life. It’s not a direct connection, but it’s there. Clothes are art, we use clothes in our everyday lives, therefore art is life. There are many forms of art and clothes are the fraction that is wearable and functional, even though sometimes clothes aren’t all that functional. However, the exhibit doesn’t showcase clothing directly, it shows clothes through a different lens. A lens that is two dimension, that is paper and paint, not fabric. In a way, through this lens, Clare is showing how art extends to many forms of life in many ways that we didn’t think of before.


My Experience

summer dress
Summer dress.

When I first saw the pieces in Clare Samani’s art gallery, I was awe stricken. My reaction wasn’t so much as an emotional one than it was more of an understanding. I love fashion just as much as Clare, and when I first walked in, I saw just that. The fashion, the things that were in trend throughout many time periods at different times. I felt like I understood the lines and the colors to the pieces and through that understanding, I felt the clothes and saw life. Not life in the conventional sense where we are breathing and living, but life in an unconventional way where it tells a story. The articles of clothing Samani used came from real people, those people have stories, and that’s what matters the most. Not the physicality that they wear, but the meanings behind that physicality. We say that clothes are a form of expression, and its so true because, while clothes don’t make up our persona, they’re are one of the most intimate things that we own because they cover us and showcase us to the world.



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