Week 9 – Art Experience – Grafitti Writing


IMG_5988 2
We found this already painted on the wall when got here. I thought it was freaking amazing. It’s signed with #eloaf.


AHHHH, Guys!!! It is finally spring Break!!!! Dear lord, I needed a break!

Well to kick off spring break, I decided that it would be nice to go to the Venice Beach public art walls to do some graffiti for my art class with my bestie. Unfortunately, the bestie canceled cause she had a dentist appointment. However, that wasn’t gonna stop me because I came anyways! I just really wanted to come to Venice and experience what it would be like to graffiti a wall and not get in trouble.


IMG_5969 2
This is me in the process of painting my initials on the wall. 

Truthfully you guys, I suck at spray painting. That’s it, I can’t cover it up, and there isn’t a point in denying it. The matter of the fact is that I just don’t know how to do it, and no matter how many youtube videos I watch, I’m not gonna get good at it unless I practice. That’s why Venice is such a nice option because you can do it there on their art walls, and not get called on by the cops! Plus you have the boardwalk nearby, and a bunch of food vendors, so the experience is pretty nice.


When I went, I didn’t see anyone from class, so I just started to do my initials with the spray paint I found at home. It was hard to spray paint because the day was windy and it kept blowing the paint everywhere. On top of that, I found that the caps on the can matter depending what you want to paint and that proximity to the wall is important too. There are many things you need to consider when spray painting. I give every graffiti artist out there a clap for their art because I couldn’t do it. My hand cramps up easily.


My, Rachel’s, and her boyfriend’s unfinished art piece. 

Well anyways, after a while of just being there alone I saw that Glenn, Rachel, and her boyfriend showed up so I stuck with them. Rachel didn’t know what to do at first, but luckily she got the hang of it half way through and pulled it together. We had extra paint so we decided that just for shits and giggles, we would paint something else because “why the hell not?”



IMG_6009 2
Me flipping through a book at “Small World Books” on the boardwalk.

After our adventure spray painting, we decided that we would go to “Small Worlds Books,” a local bookstore at the boardwalk to check out the zines. Guys, zines should not be hard to find, but I swear I walked around the store for 15 minutes and did not see any zines! I did see, however, the entire “Game Of Thrones” books series, and even found an illustrated, graphic novel version of them.



IMG_5999 2
This was a painting of the stars at the La Louver. you can see my reflection in the stars!

It was at this point that Rachel and her bae had to leave so I went off to go find my mother and sister so we could see what else we would do. I found them looking at one of the boardwalk shows and we decided to leave to go to the La Louver. The La Louver is a free museum that’s open to the public on Venice Blvd. The museum was pretty cool, they had an exhibit on Charles Garabedian and his contemporaries. It was a bit intimidating walking in because the place is small, and it’s kinda hidden in plain sight. If you walk by, it looks like any other house on the street.





Overall my kick off to spring break was pretty chill and set the mood for the rest of the week to come. Happy spring break everyone!!!



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