Week 8 – Classmate Convo – Elyse Vega

Me and Elyse. Don’t mind me, I look like a potato. 


Hey, guys!!  WEEK 8 HAS FINALLY FINISHED! Unfortunately, I have not gotten through midterms just yet, so I have yet to pull my hair our completely. This week, for me atlas, has been the calm before the storm. So let us enjoy it while it lasts.

This week I had the honor of meeting Elyse Vega. Elyse is a 2nd-year student here at CSULB and she is originally from San Diego, CA. When meeting her she told me that at first she completely hated CSULB, which I don’t blame her, but hate is a strong word. I, myself, didn’t want to attend CSULB at first because all my friends were going to UC’s and private schools, but I didn’t necessarily hate my school. I actually love it now. “The Beach.” It has a nice ringtone to it. Anyways, Elyse didn’t like it, and now she hates it a bit less, but that’s only because she had to leave everyone behind in San Diego to be here. She said, “Coming from San Diego you grow up with high expectations of what a college should be like. CSULB is a commuters school and not a lot of people stay here. While I’m stuck here in the dorms with nothing to do, I watch my friends from back home post pictures of the crazy parties they go to.” I get you, Elyse, I totally understand, CSULB is different from what I thought college was going to be like. It’s like High School Musical all over again, they lied.

Anyways, back to Elyse. Since she started, she has pledged ZTA, her sorority, and has been working at Pieology. She’s planning to major KIN, but she has no idea what she wants to do with it, or where she wants to go with it. Maybe she even might switch majors.

I really wish I could have talked with Elyse longer, but sadly our time was cut short because class ended and we had to get going. This was all we talked about. Elyse, I hope we talk more in class some other time, but for now, it was nice knowing you.

Happy week 8! Bye!


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