Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Sarina Chansy


Hey, guys! Have I ever mentioned how much I like being approached randomly for a conversation? No? Well, I do… in certain situations.

I was walking into one of the art galleries this past Wednesday and out of the blue Sarina called me out and asked if I wanted to do my class convo with her. Honestly, I was so relieved because now I didn’t have to go and approach someone else in the class because I’m such an awkward turtle.

Well anyways, let us get on with it. Here’s what I learned about Sarina.

Sarina is a first-year student here at CSULB, planning to declare a major in social work next semester. She hasn’t fully decided what she really wants to do as a career, but she knows she wants to minor in child development. At the moment she is working at 85*C, which is a Taiwanese bakery that makes a lot of delicious cuisines. Sarina has three dogs named Peanut, Juju, and Abby. She says she doesn’t get why people name their dogs really weird names, but she likes the name Bailey for a dog. (Too bad that’s my future dog’s name, so she can’t have it. Lol) Her favorite movie is “the Little rascals” and she very much enjoyed watching “La la Land” recently. Sarina, is the type of person that loves to laugh with other people and have good, carefree time. We exchanged snap chat info so we could follow each other, and she revealed to me that her two favorite filters are the dog and flower crown filters because they make your skin look perfect. I had so much fun talking to Sarina.

Thanks, Sarina, for making the first move and approaching me!


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