Week 6 – Zine Book

img_5879Hey, guys! I’m so sorry about only posting once last week, I think I finally hit bottom. Usually, you would expect it to be week 8 because that’s officially midterms, but I got a little bit ahead of the game. The whole situation with President trump wanting to deport immigrants, and people who back him up on it, has been getting to me lately. I’m not as scared as people think I am, but sometimes it really does get to me. I think that’s why when I saw the Memes Show at the Werby gallery this week I got a bit happy.

IMG_5884.JPGThe Memes Show consisted exactly of what you think it did. Memes. I can’t say that they had every meme there on display because honest there are just too many memes on the internet that we probably haven’t even seen them all. There are seriously memes on everything that we could ever possibly think of. That’s why, when I saw the variety of political memes, I thought “What better way to cheer myself up than to watch some political memes?” And honestly, it kinda worked.

IMG_5882.JPGMaking the zine was the easy part. (Mind you, don’t be like me who kept saying “Zine” like “Vine.” it’s actually “zine” like “meme,” it’s so ironic.) the hard part was trying not to get sucked into a whole of internet memes because I could last hours just looking at all of them and I would get nowhere.

IMG_5881.JPGTo me, zines can be slapstick books where things are intentionally funny and clumsy. Oddly enough, it kinda went with my theme of internet political memes. I just printed pictures on paper that I could fold in half, and made sure that it would print some pictures upside down and right side up to demonstrate the backward politics that we sometimes see. I also included two empty pages in the middle to represent all the people out there who are just done or don’t give a shit about the political climate we have right now. That, or it’s for the people who just don’t know anything about anything. Anyways, I like my zine. I think I’ll  even make a part two.

The amazing memes that inspired my zine. 



“Memes Show Selfie”
Memes Show
60″ x 50″ (estimated)
CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery



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