Week 5 – Art Experience -Automatic Drawing



Hey, guys! Happy week number 5!!! I can’t believe we’ve gotten this far. Midterms are almost here. This week was a hot mess for me because, for some reason, most of my professors decided to give out exams this week. That was fun. (note the sarcasm) Well, there’s not much I could do about it anyways.



This week we had to do an automatic drawing with a partner. Coach Glenn said it would be ideal to do it with a boyfriend, friend, or sibling. However, seeing as I have no boyfriend and my friends are all out, I decided to do it with my family. I’m not 21 either, so no wine for me.

Honestly you guys, I did not get the automatic drawing at all. I just didn’t understand how our bodies would create movement onto the paper and I was not feeling it. I turned off the main light and turned on my fairy lights to create more of an atmosphere, but that didn’t work for me or the picture, you couldn’t see anything when we took them. I put in my Spotify and started playing the “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones” soundtracks. That did not work for me either. I don’t know you guys, I was just not having any of it.


My mom and me doing the automatic drawing. 

Fortunately, my mom was. She actually got very into right away and knew how to let go. We both sat down and I told her to pick a color, she picked her favorite green, we held hands with the oil pastel and started drawing. I felt like we were just going in circles and that she was directing more than anything, but when we stopped and opened our eyes she asked: “Did we move?”


“Heck yeah, we moved! Just look at the picture! You kept taking me in circles!”

“Really?! I didn’t even feel like I was moving.” She looked down at the drawing when saying this and then said: “it looks like the rotation of the planet.” I don’t know how she got that right off the bat because to me it looked like a bunch of scribbles, but when I looked at it more I guess I could see what she was saying. The center had tight circles that progressively got bigger and looser, but I wouldn’t describe it as “the rotation of the planet.” To me it looked more like a vortex, the vortex my mom went down while drawing, and I was more like the outside force that brought her back out. I don’t know, my mom has a way of getting lost, and usually I’m the one in the family that has to bring her back. Maybe it’s a representation of actual bond with each other.


My dad and me. We couldn’t stop laughing.

However, I also did this with my dad. That was bad because we are so close to being the same person it’s crazy. I let him choose a color, and he even chose one of my favorites, a rusty red. We began to draw, and it started off good, but it slowly digressed into a fit of giggles. Apparently, he was trying to draw a tree, but we broke the oil pastel in half.



My sister and me doing our drawing. 

Doing the drawing with my sister went pretty much the same. We did it twice and chose orange and blue because we just thought it would look cool. We mostly went in circles, except my sister and me were trying to go the rhythm of the music. It wasn’t horrible, but that resulted in more broken pastels and messy hands. If I had to say describe this experience it was crazier than anything, and I that would explain my relationship with my sister. We’re both very childish together and we still chase each other around the house, but I guess I blame that on the fact that she is my only sister.


When I look at the piece as a whole, I do see a bunch of scribbles. But, I also see the bond I have with everyone in my family. When I look at it, it’s mostly circles, and circles are like never ending loops that go on forever. To me, that means that I will endlessly love my family. However, there are breaks; parts where the circle ends and stops, but the start again. I think that represents the moments in life where we all have disagreements with each other and we fight, but we make up again. As for what I had said about the vortex, I think the tightness between the lines means how close of a family we are, and the loops that go farther out mean the times we need personal space. Sometimes as a family we get into each others business a lot and we need to take a step back for ourselves. But we always bring it back.

As cliche as it might sound, I love my family. They mean everything to me, and this drawing means just as much. I hadn’t sat down to draw with my family like this ever, and I feel like this was a bonding experience that really represented us as a whole. I think I might even hang it in my room and title it “Family.”img_5869


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