Week 4 – Art Experience – ACP “Art Care Package”

img_5808Hey guys! So these weeks art experience consisted of us sending an “Art Care Package” to anyone we wanted. I decided that this was too much of an intimate experience and that it was truly giving me an opportunity to do something good so I sent it to my cousin Crystal. Crystal is about 6 years older than me, and as a teenager I looked up to her, but over time I lost all connection from her and actually forgot about her.

img_5798So then why did I send her the ACP? I don’t really know this person, she’s almost like a stranger to me. Well, Im an adult now, and I understand things I didn’t as a child, and all of the things I have been learning lately about my family have made me think that despite whatever has happened, I write my own future. So as an act to open a door, I sent her my ACP.

img_5795Although sending the ACP was an intimate experience, the contents of it were all over the place. I sent her things that were important to me like my art journal, the pictures of me and my friends, the flash drive with the playlist, and and 2 mile race id from my sister. I also sent her things that I knew she would like those things consisted of the flyers I got from church, the pins and stickers, the stress relief coloring page, the coupon code for NUME, and the gum. The news paper clippings were more of the cultural moment, things that are happening all around us that are news. I read our school newspaper very frequently, so they also have some personal meaning because they’re things that I’m passionate about and just things that are happening at the moment.

img_5797Sending Crystal this ACP was different than sending her a snap because thats such an immediate thing that requires a response. The ACP isn’t like that because it takes some kind of planning to be able to put an ACP together. You have to think first what your intention is and what you want to do, then you think about the details in what your sending. Snaps you can just send and really have no thought on them because they don’t last forever. An ACP can last forever. However, it is like a snap because whatever we think they both require some sort of response or reaction, response time aside. They both say “Hey there. Here’s something for you because I thought about you.” The time at which you receive that response however, really just depends on how important it is to you because sometimes we like our things instantly, but when theres thought put into something, a little waiting never hurt anybody.

That doesn’t mean that everything has significance though. Ephemera is only significant if you put significance on it. Sure the prom ticket has significance behind, because she never went to prom and I wanted her to have it, but things like gum don’t really mean much. I just think everybody enjoys a pice of gum everyone and a while. There are things like the pins though, which over time gain even more importance as you pass them down generation after generation. The pins I had included were mostly from Disney land, two of them were from places I had volunteered at, but nonetheless they all gain significance over time because I put it there. Who knows maybe one day when she has her own children, she’ll pass them on and tell them of the very odd ACP she received one day.

img_5806To me the significance is all the same. Wether she shows them to her children or someone else, or she keeps it to herself for the rest of her life. I don’t really care because to me there is no difference in the audience. I say what I want to say, and everybody can see it, or no one will, or just one person will. I think its more about the dedication you make it with. You can make art, but what matters most is to who it is dedicated for because then only their opinion should matter to you.

img_5799The ACP is like every other text message and snap, but it also isn’t. The ACP has a love behind it that in a way means more because there is more thought and effort in the action. With it you send a piece of yourself to someone else. A text message isn’t always like that, but that isn’t to say that texts can’t hold that same power. Everything just really depends on you, and how much importance and effort you want to put in on something.


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