Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Aenah Ramones

Pasted Image 0.pngDamn you guys, week three is already done. I can honestly say I’m really glad about it because I’m low key counting down the days until spring break. I don’t hate school, I truly really enjoy it, its just that I can’t wait for a break now. But oh well I can’t change time, because if I could I would be living in the 50’s or the 90’s instead.

This week I had the great pleasure of meeting Aenah Ramones. Oh my god can we just fangirl that her last name is Ramones. Like as in the RAMONES, one of the greatest rock bands to ever exist!! I can’t believe it. Ok calming back down.

Aenah Ramones is one of the coolest girls I have ever met. So this week we didn’t meet up in our usual classroom, which threw me off a bit, and we went to the galleries. Glenn gave us about 40 minutes to go look at art, talk to the Artis, take pictures, and do a classmate convo. I was terrified because that meant that I really had to go time stuff myself and put in an initiative. I purposely did all everything besides the classmate convo first so that I could do it alone, and then I went looking for a partner. It was awkward because I guess everyone decided to do the classmate convo first and where now all doing the artist things, so I was virtually alone on my mission. That is until I saw Aenah.

She looked like she was busy doing the artist interview, but I nevertheless went up to her and asked if she had done the classmate convo yet. Thank god she said she hadn’t because that would have been awkward and I would have been forced to walk away and find someone else.

From the moment me and Aenah started talking, we couldn’t stop laughing, she is just too funny. Aenah is a third year computer science major here at CSULB. I can’t fit into my brain why she would want to pursue that major, but she told me it was because when she was growing up she was the only one in her family that could understand computers so she set her mind to do something with that. Now that she really has learned more about computers she says she really feels at home with all the code and math that goes on the mechanics of computers. Thats something I could never do, I know a bit of code, but only enough to make the most simplistic game. Aenah could write for you in code.

Cool fact, as Aenah said it, in high school she used to be a basketball player. Thats so cool because I used to do that too! Its so funny though, because she’s asian, and although she is taller than I am, she recognizes that there aren’t a lot of asian girls who play basketball. She told me that when people look at her they expect her to be interested in manga and anime, and be able to draw cute cartoon figurines. But she can’t. I asked her then why she would take this class, and she told me it was because she thought it was pretty cool and she’s only ever taken one art class in her life. She said she isn’t really that artistic and the closest she’ll get to it is this class. Not to brag, but I told her that I was kind of good at drawing and she instantly had the idea to partner up. She said that we should create a web series of some sort where I draw all the characters and she would edit everything in code to make a video. I said sure, but it seems to me that we should both look to switching to film and production majors if we want to pursue this.

Aenah is the funniest girl I have ever met in terms of how awkward we both are and got over it. She’s 21, the youngest in her family, can finally drink , and says she won’t remember much of this year, but I doubt the she drinks all that much because she seems pretty responsible to me. She doesn’t like musicals, the only exception is Wicked. Aenah is very close to her family and recounts on her family trip to London this past winter break as a one of the most amazing things she’s done because it was all free due to her parents.

When I asked her about what her dreams where she said “I had a dream, but it was just a dream, and like all dreams, I woke up.” I thought this was sad, but she reassured me it was really just about a dream she had in her sleep, so don’t worry.

Anyways, thanks Aenah for making me laugh this week, and suffering the same as we walked up the stairs. I look forward to sitting next to you in class and hopefully going through with our web cartoon idea. Cheers!


P.S. Aenah thought the artist La Rosa was a girl, and was shocked when I showed her his Instagram page and she saw that it was actually a guy.

P.P.S La Rosa was our favorite artist at the CSULB galleries this week. I have more to come on him later.


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