Week 2 – ArtExperience – Landscape with a Corpse


from the door.jpgLast night was the night I had waited my whole life for. It was the night I would finally be introduced to high society. It was my debutante ball night. I had everything planned since I was a little girl, and I had made sure that everything was to go as planned. Nothing was left out. My dress had been my mothers and I was proud to be wearing the family jewels as a symbolism of my status. I was finally going to feel like a princess.

The night had started as I had expected. Everything was to go on schedule and my date was to dance with me. My parents were out on the floor socializing to the parents of the other girls. We knew all of them off course, the ball only consisted of a few families that were wealthy enough to attend and participate. All of the other debutantes and me were friends from infancy, so it really strikes me as odd as to why I ended up like this.

bw up.jpg

It was almost time for the ball to end when Samantha asked me to come with her to one of the upstairs rooms to have a look at the crowns that were going to be awarded. I was eager to look at them too, and was hoping to try some of them out. It had always been a dream of mine to wear one of the crowns some day.

As we went up the stair a Samantha’s brother Ethan joined us and handed us both a glass of wine. I was allowed to drink a little now considering I was of age and it was a social gathering. I took small sips, tasting the wine.

almost bw.jpg

Sam, Ethan and I had reached the top of the stair where I tripped a little and had to catch the railing before falling. I wasn’t used to wearing heels and lost my balance sometimes. Ethan led us to the crown room, but when we got inside the room was a just a regular bedroom.

I was bout to turn around when blood rushed to my head, and I felt so light headed that I crashed onto the nearest surface. I turned delirious, but could faintly make put the voices of Samantha and Ethan as the talked over me. i couldn’t understand much of what they said, but I do remember the sound of the door locking as they both left. I was there alone, paralyzed, and falling fast asleep. I didn’t know that I would never wake up.



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