Week 1 – Classmate Conversation – Gabby Salazar


This is my first post ever, and frankly I don’t know how to start so I’ll just tell you how my first ART 110 class went.

I walked in to the room today and sat in the front row, something that isn’t strange for me to do, two seats away from another classmate. As more students kept filling in, I silently looked towards the door, daring one who came in to sit next to me. However, when I wasn’t looking someone sat next to me and said “Hi.”

You see I’m a Franky First Year and usually avoid, at all costs, starting conversations with others. I love to talk, but am usually to afraid to do it, so when this girl said “Hi,” I looked up at her and replied with my own hello, and silently wondered what type of person she was to have the confidence to make a first move. Not going to lie, she was the first person, besides any of my friends, to say hello to me that day. It brightened up my day.

Class went on, and as fate would have it, we partnered for our first classmate conversation. It was just a natural decision we both had made.She had already made the first move anyways. She told me her name was Gabby, my hearing is so bad I thought she said Abbey at first, so then I asked her to spell it just incase I got it wrong. I told her my name, and from there we went on.

We didn’t know what exactly to do so we looked it up and found the instructions. Up until this point I hadn’t done much talking so I was ok.

The question we had to ask each other was: What kind of emotion does the color red bring up to you? She made me answer first, but I’m sure she’ll talk about that in her blog, so I’ll focus on her response instead.

Gabby said it brought up passion in her. It reminds her of love and power because your passion is your love, its your power, its what gives you strength and force. Other colors, like yellow as Gabby mentioned, are strong and powerful. But not like red. Red has the ability to move her. It MAKES her want to move.

I know we didn’t discuss the color red as much as we should have, but how much can you actually say about a color without out running out of words to describe its brilliance? We ran out of words. But I got to look into Gabby’s mind to see how she thinks, and to see what kind of deep thinker she is when questioned.

At this time the question had been answered and the conversation almost dropped, so we took a step back and asked simple questions. You know, the basics. We couldn’t possible write a blog entry based on so little anyways.

Gabby is a political science major, who is extremely excited and looking forward to graduating this semester from CSULB. She’s from Bakersfield but lives in downtown Long Beach. Her favorite movie is “Dances with Wolves” and her favorite books are the “Outlander” series. I have honestly never heard of either of these things, but upon research, they seem really cool. When I asked her who was her favorite artist she said she didn’t know his name but that it was “the man that paints with gold.” I didn’t know who she meant, but again with further investigation, I found Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter who does indeed use gold in all of his works.

As it turned out Gabby was an amazingly cool person that I would have never expected to meet. She is brilliant and as powerful as the color red. Her confidence and good nature was contagious and made me feel happy. Thanks Gabby, for making the first move! I hope as the semester progresses you fulfill your hope of making lifelong friends. Cheers to you and everyone in our class for a great semester in ART 110!


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