Week 2 – Classmate Conversation – Angela Kight

IMG_5652.PNGHey guys! So week two has just ended and to be honest it kind of went by too fast. It was a stressful week, not going to lie I already feel done with school and finals haven’t even rolled in yet. But thats irrelevant right now because this post is for Angela Kight, who I had the pleasure of meeting this week for art class.

Let me just tell you right now that I had Angela all wrong. Angela is the type where appearances are not all that they seem to be. She looks like the beauty pageant queen, which she actually did do for a a part of her life, but her interests lie with the dark, quirky parts of shows like Supernatural and Sherlock. I was surprised at how easy she was to talk to and how much we actually had in common. The first thing we noticed was our love for Sherlock.

But anyways, more about Angela. Angela’s college journey hasn’t been like most others. Technically she should be a senior right now, and should be close to graduation, but because she took two years off in the middle and she kind of fell a little behind. She says it was a good thing though because she needed time for herself and to get some thing s straight. Now that she’s come back however, she’s studying as a journalism major and loves it. When I asked her why she’s in this major, she says she fell into it. She used to broadcast beauty pageants for something like Little Miss Thailand, and that gave her inspiration to go into journalism. She also says that she hopes that in five years from now she’ll be married to Jared Padalecki and live in a big house. I laughed at this because I said she could have Padalecki as long as I could have Benedict Cumberbatch.

It was amazing getting to work with Angela this week, and having the opportunity to talk to her. Thanks girl! I hope ill be working with you more in the future.

By the way, I just noticed the girl who photobombed us in the back. You Go Glen Coco!


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